Campsite near Dancharia (Dantxaria)

Shopping destinationClose to Espelette

Located on the Spanish border and a must-see in the region, Dancharia is a small town whose main attraction is shopping.

Thanks to Dancharia’s proximity to Espelette, you can reach this shopping paradise in just 15 minutes from the campsite.

Danchariajust a few minutes from the Spanish border

Take advantage of your camping vacation in Dancharia to do some shopping

Known as “Ventas Peio” (shops), Dantxaria is well known in the Basque country for all kinds ofshopping on the Spanish border.

This town, just a stone’s throw fromAinhoa, boasts no less than five “Ventas Peio” and two XXL shopping malls open 7 days a week from 09:00 to 19:45.

What to do in Dancharia on your next camping trip?

When you visit this shopping “temple”, you’ll find all kinds of products, including charcuterie, tobacco, alcohol, food products and much more.

Shopping enthusiasts who like to keep up with fashion trends will not be outdone, thanks to the many international brands present in the shopping malls. So it’s not surprising to find a wide selection of clothes, shoes, jewelry and more.

Those who choose to spend a day or half-day there can also dine in, at prices just as attractive as those offered in the stores.

What can you findin Dancharia?