Campsite near Ainhoa

Are you looking for a campsite near Ainhoa to enjoy the mountain scenery on a hike, or simply to visit this village classified as one of France’s “most beautiful villages”? Located 8 kilometers fromEspelette, the campsite is within easy reach of the village ofAinhoa and its many activities.

The villageof Ainhoa

Discover Ainhoa’s heritage

Although the village is best known for the charm of its colorful Labourdine houses, Ainhoa has other attractions that are sure to arouse the curiosity of visitors. Among them are :

  • Church of Notre-Dame-de-L’Assomption-d’Ainhoa
  • The heritage house
  • The Ainhoa wash-house
  • The Chapelle de l’Aubépine
Hiking trailsaround Ainhoa

Ainhoa hiking trails

Ainhoa is also an ideal starting point for hiking trails and the mythical GR10, which crosses the entire Pyrenees. Following this path, you can reach Sare (also one of France’s most beautiful villages) in 3h20.

Foundation of the village of Ainhoa

It was in the first half of the 12th century that the Premonstratensian monks decided to create one of their five vicariates on the route to Compostela in this area of pastureland, intersected by oak woods and populated by transhumant shepherds.

Owned by Juan Perez de Baztán, a high-ranking member of the Navarrese court, it was agreed that this small vicariate would form an enclave on the seigniorial estate.

This would be the village of Ainhoa, a bastide village with houses perfectly aligned on either side of a wide avenue. (Destroyed by the Spanish in the 17th century, the current village dates from the 18th).

The origins of the village of Ainhoa