Camping in Espelette

Espelette is 2 kilometers from the campsite.

Espelette is a traditional village located in the Basque province of Labourd, close to typical villages such as Ainhoa, Itxassou, Saint Jean Pied de Port, Cambo les bains, and the Basque Coast.

Located 20 minutes from the Basque coast, at the foot of the mountains and 10 minutes from the Spanish border, this village is very popular with French and international tourists.

Visitthe village of Espelette

Discover the village of Espelette and Basque culture during your camping holiday

This village is renowned for its authenticity, with its beautiful houses decorated with chillies, its renovated castle, its chocolate factory, the quality of its chillies and its cultural and sporting events.

The chilli pepper is one of the emblems of the Basque Country’s culture and gastronomy. Named after the village of Espelette, this pepper is based on know-how handed down from generation to generation.

In the Basque region, piment d’Espelette is often used in place of pepper. A good piment d’Espelette can be recognized by the right balance between spiciness and mildness.

Discover Basque culture

What to do in Espelette on your next camping trip?

The Château des Barons d’Ezpeleta was built in the 11th century and classified as a historic monument in 1993. It is currently being renovated. This is the center of Espelette’s administrative, cultural and social life. On the ground floor, you’ll find the town hall’s secretariat, council chambers and social offices.

TheTourist Office and library share the second floor, and the second floor is devoted to a number of exhibitions, including one of the two rooms used for permanent displays.

If you have a sweet tooth or are just curious, come and discover the Antton chocolate factory. Founded in 1993, the expertise of master chocolatier Antton (pronounced AN-TI-ONNE) honors the most famous of Basque spices. Free visit and tasting, specialities, favorites, traditional cookies… Come and discover the taste palettes of this master chocolatier and his team, and fill up on flavour and authenticity.

The summit of the mondarrain is 750 metres above sea level. This peak dominates the Laxia valley, opposite Artzamendi, in a massif that separates two basins, the Nivelle and Nive basins, on the Atlantic side of the Pyrenees. Mondarrain can be recognized by its symmetrical silhouette crowned by a cliff, the remains of its fortifications and, above all, its rock face, which is made of greasy rock.

There are many hikes in the magnificent Basque region, as varied as the colors of the landscape. Our hikes can be adapted to suit all tastes and levels of difficulty. Come and enjoy a ride on horseback, on foot or by bike, on a cultural, historical, natural or even religious theme. There will be something for everyone.

Take part in emblematic Basque events during your stay at the campsite

Chilli festival in Espelette

One of the finest festivals in the Basque Country takes place in Espelette, a festival of Basque colors during which growers present their produce and restaurateurs prepare exceptional dishes based exclusively on peppers.

Solemn mass in Basque, with blessing of the chillies, chillies prize-giving, bandas concerts, Basque strength games, bare-handed pelota, and great country banquets. Sale of chillies and regional products at a large gastronomic fair. The chili festival is held on the last weekend in October, except if the Sunday falls on the eve of All Saints’ Day, when it is brought forward by a week.

The ridge run

A race, a party, or simply a rendezvous, a run in the mountains in the heart of the Basque Country from 1.30 a.m. until very late the next morning, over 4,000 runners will take part in one of the six races on the program before gathering for a festive meal. The party is everywhere, in the streets, on the mountain, in the peloton, at the refreshment point, as we say in the Basque Country “Sport all right, party first”.

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