Campsite near Saint Pée

Relaxationat Lac de Saint Pée

Lac de St Pée is located 10 kilometers fromEspelette.

Located 2 kilometers from the village of St Pée, Lac de Saint Pée sur Nivelle is a French lake in the Pyrenees. A haven of peace in the heart of nature. A freshwater mirror fed by four springs, it covers 12 hectares.

Discover the lake of Saint Pée during your stay at the campsite

An ideal place for family vacations, equipped and maintained all year round, its leisure center offers a wide range of water-based activities, including canoeing, kayaking, waterslides and pedalos. The site also offers a fitness trail, marked hiking and mountain bike paths, 2 tennis courts, a tree climbing network, a fishing area and picnic areas. Swimming is supervised during the summer.

There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes: peace, relaxation and activities.


Basque traditions

Basque Pelota

Basque pelota is without doubt the most popular sport in the Basque Country. It’s a sport that evolved from the game of apples, from the bare hand to the cesta punta, via the pala and the chistera. Basque pelota encompasses several different disciplines. It’s played with two key instruments: the chistera (wicker glove) and the pelota (small round ball).

This sport consists of sending a pelota against a front wall in such a way that the opponent can’t pick it up again.

Originating from the ancient game of paume, it is now played by a great many people. In the Basque Country, every village has its own pelota court, and pelota is played in many schools from an early age.

Basque pelota is played on a number of different playing fields:

  • The Fronton or open-air hitting wall with a metal bar, above which the ball must be sent.
  • Le Trinquet, a totally enclosed room with 4 walls
  • Jaî-alai is 50 metres long and plays the cesta punta