Electric bike rental in Espelette

Explorethe Basque Country ecologically

Rent an electric bike and discover Espelette

At the heart of Camping PARADIS Biper Gorri, we are proud to present our electric bike rental service in Espelette. This novelty is specially designed for people aged 14 and over who want to explore the wonders of the Basque Country by bike.

With our Colibris models, foldable for optimum portability, and Citadel models, sturdy for a stable ride, every ride becomes a memorable adventure.

These bikes are not only environmentally friendly, they’re also an exceptional way to get around while enjoying the scenery. Discover the Basque Country in an eco-friendly way with our campsite in Espelette .

Price listand Reservation

Our electric bike rental packages in Espelette :
Flexibility and simplicity

Flexibility is at the heart of our pricing structure. Whether you want to rent a bike for a few hours or for a whole week, we have a package to suit your needs.

Each rental comes with essential accessories such as a practical basket, secure padlock and safety vest.

For families with young children, we also offer adapted seats and helmets. Booking is simplified by our telephone service, ensuring a smooth and pleasant customer experience.

Price list including bike, basket, lock and vest

½ day15 €
8h30 €
24h36 €
2j70 €
3j102 €
4j130 €
5j160 €
6j180 €
7j195 €
From 8 days and more195 + €25 / day

Deposit by credit card or cash only: €300
Reservations by telephone: 05 59 93 96 88
Payment on reservation.

A guide to cycle paths in the Basque Country from our campsite in Espelette

The Basque Country is a region rich in natural beauty, and what better way to discover it than on one of its many cycle paths? Whether you’re looking for coastal roads with panoramic ocean views or winding trails through lush forests, there’s a trail for every cyclist.

Although some of the most popular trails are located near the coast orUstaritz, each route offers a unique experience, allowing cyclists to fully immerse themselves in the splendor of the Basque Country .

Click below to discover some ideas for bike rides in the Basque country around our campsite.

ATTENTION: Cycle paths are on the coast and from Ustaritz 6km from the campsite (along the Nive river to the center of Bayonne).

Damage list (PDF)

Cycling tourof the Basque Country