Where to surf on the Basque coast?

World-famous for its waves and surf spots, the Basque Country is a true surfer’s paradise. Camping Biper Gorri takes you to the best surfing spots on the Basque Coast, or simply to admire the surfers in theAtlantic rollers.

Biarritz, Europe’s surfing cradle

This is where surfing was born in Europe with the arrival of the first Californian surfers in the late 1960s. More than sixty years later, surfers from all over the world still gather at Biarritz, notably during competitions of national and international renown, such as the Championnat de France and the Biarritz Quiksilver Maïder Arostéguy, Europe’s oldest competition. The best-known spots: the mythical Côte des Basques, dominated by Villa Belza, the Grande Plage, the Miramar spot and the Plage de la Milady.

Hendaye, THE green trail on the Basque Coast

Considered one of the most popular spots on the Basque Coast, Hendaye Bay is accessible at all tides and is suitable for beginners and intermediates. Among the best spots is Le Casino (“Caz” to its friends), home to most of the surf schools. To the south of the bay, the Sokoburu spot is ideal for beginners. To the north of the beach, between the church of Sainte-Anne and the 2 Jumeaux, longboarders enjoy perfect conditions, with a long “straight” that starts on the west side of the bay.

Things to see and do: Surfing Day in Hendaye, in June, a free day devoted to discovering surfing culture (surfing, waveskiing, stand-up paddling, Hawaiian pirogue, skimboarding…).

Anglet’s tubes

With 11 spots spread over five kilometers of coastline, Anglet marks the end of the sandy beaches of the Landes and the beginning of the rocky coast of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Awarded the “Ville de Surf” label by the French Surfing Federation, the Basque resort boasts a large number of renowned spots: La Madrague, La Barre, La Marinella, La Chambre d’Amour (VVF spot), where the Rip Curl Pro Anglet takes place every season, a stage on the world circuit.

In July, don’t miss the International Surf Film Festival: 4 days of open-air cinema facing the ocean and surfing on the Chambre d’Amour site.

The Bidart reefs

Between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Bidart is a two-star “surf town”. Its spots are renowned for their regularity and intensity. Backing onto the Château du Baron de l’Epée, on the outskirts of Biarritz, the beach at Ilbarritz is suitable for all types of surfers, beginners and advanced alike. Easily accessible from the center of Bidart, the Uhabia spot is a popular beach-break for surfers and bodyboarders.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, city of privateers… and surfers

We know this village for its rich historical heritage, its fishing port, its gastronomy, but also for its world-famous surf spots. Among them, the Lafitenia wave, one of the best reef breaks in Europe, attracts big surfers. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, the gentle waves of Erromardie beach are one of the most affordable spots for beginners.

Guéthary surf city

Nestling between Bidart and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the small fishing village of Guéthary is a favorite with surfers for its pretty peaks, which can reach heights of 5 to 6 meters. These include the famous “Parlementia” and the Alcyons/Avalanche spot, which mark the border with Bidart. Between Guéthary and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the beach at Cénitz is ideal for both beginners (to the left of the spot) and experienced surfers (to the right of the spot).

XXL session on the legendary Belharra!

On the Corniche Basque at Urrugne, the Belharra is the legendary wave of the Basque Country, eagerly awaited by surfers the world over. This giant wave forms only very rarely, in the event of a very large swell, and can reach a height of 20 metres. Each of his appearances is a real event. An XXL surf session reserved for experts and pros!

Photo@ Andi Perdana, Pixabay