Campsite near the cité de l’océan in biarritz

The ocean city


Discover the ocean city of Biarritz during your camping holiday

The Cité de l’Océan in Biarritz offers a unique experience combining entertainment, education and marine exploration. Its modern, interactive installations captivate visitors of all ages, taking them on an educational journey through the oceans.

Remarkable exhibitions highlight the beauty of marine life and raise awareness of the need to preserve marine ecosystems. With activities such as surf simulations, virtual reality experiences and interactive workshops, it offers an engaging adventure for oceanography enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

La Cité de l’Océan is also committed to ocean conservation through educational programs and awareness-raising initiatives, encouraging visitors to become active guardians of the seas and oceans. It’s an ideal destination for an enriching family experience, offering a captivating dive into the marine world of Biarritz.

Opening hours (open every day except 25/12):

From 01/03 to 10/03: 10am-7pm
From 11/03 to 31/03: 2pm-7pm
April/May/June: 10am-7pm
From 01/07 to 12/07: 10am-7pm
From 13/07 to 25/08: 9am-8pm
From 26/08 to 03/11: 10am-7pm
From 04/11 to 20/12: 2pm-7pm
From 21/12 to 31/12: 10am-7pm

Musée de la mer rates :

Adult: €14
Children (aged 6 to 12): €10
Adolescents (13 to 17), students, jobseekers:€12


Prepareyour trip

How to prepare your departure from the campsite for the Musée de la Mer?

  1. Remember to book your tickets in advance.
  2. Leave early to allow time for parking.
  3. Take your swimsuit for a walk on the beach after the tour
  4. N’oubliez pas votre crème solaire et votre bouteille d’eau