Saint Pée

St Pée Lake is 10 kilometres away from the campsite

Two kilometres away from the village of St Pée in the French Pyrenees, Saint Pée Lake is on the River Nivelle. It is an oasis of peace right at the heart of nature. A clear, fresh-water mirror nourished by four sources, it covers 12 hectares.

Lifeguards supervise swimmers in summer.

The outdoor activities centre is ideal for family holidays. It is well-maintained spot with a wide range of water activities; canoeing, water slides, pedalos, etc. But the site also includes a fitness trail, signposted hiking and mountain-biking paths, two tennis courts, a tree-top adventure course, a fishing area and picnic spots.

There is somewhere for everyone to find peace and quiet or leisure activities.

Basque Pelota

Basque Pelota is definitely the most popular sport in the Basque country. The sport is derived from the Jeu de Paume, an early form of tennis, and is played with bare hands, a bat (pala) or a wicker glove (chistera). Basque pelota includes a number of different disciplines. The word “pelota” comes from the name of the small, round ball.

The sport consists in throwing the pelota against a wall so that the opponent cannot reach it and hit it back in turn.

It is a very popular sport today. In the Basque country, each village has its frontons (walls), and the sport is often played in schools from an early age.

Basque pelota can be played on different types of court:

- The fronton or open space. Players have to hit the ball above a metal bar on the wall.

- The trinquet, an indoor court with 4 walls.

- The form of pelota called cesta punta is played on a jai alai court, which is 50 metres long.

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